Caramelised Sugar, the Coffee Booster

Pure Value for Coffee

What is caramelised sugar

When sugar or other carbohydrates are heated, a browning reaction will start which is called caramelisation. Caramelised sugars are natural food ingredients that will provide both colour and flavour. It is used as a coffee booster, making the coffee aroma more complex, balanced and strong. It can also replace part of the coffee in mixes to create cost savings.

Wide range of applications

Our caramelised sugar powders are applicable in a broad range of coffee products, varying from instant coffee (pure instant, 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 mixes, cappuccino) to ground coffee. It is suitable for vending applications as well as RTD, cups, pads or coffee mixes.

Unique propositions for the coffee industry

Our caramelised sugars combine a wide colour spectrum with characteristic aroma profiles, delivering unique characteristics to:

  • boost and balance the coffee aroma
  • upgrade a lower quality bean
  • mask unwanted notes or defects from the beans
  • enhance the roasted coffee flavour by adding bitterness (with our TCS range)
  • enrich the coffee aroma while giving it a balanced profile (with our NCS range)
  • add body
  • enhance the golden brown colour
  • realise cost savings by replacing a part of the coffee with a smaller amount of caramelised sugar

Characteristics of our caramelised sugars:

For application in coffee we use NCS 15P and NCS 23P of our Natural Caramelised Sugar (named NCS) range and TCS 30F of our Traditional Caramelised Sugar (named TCS) range.

NCS for full flavour and balanced taste

When bitterness and acidity are dominant, our Natural Caramelised Sugar will round the coffee. It will balance the taste, resulting in a broader flavour profile and more body. Aroma's: nutty, malty, honey, chocolate, liquorice.

NCS 15P connects flavours, the typical bean taste is still there with extra added body, fullness and more coffee notes and with slightly more colour.

NCS 23P: rounds and boosts the coffee, making it a more full and balanced taste with a more red colour tone and a prolonging after taste.

TCS for intense character and enriched taste

To strengthen its character, our Traditional Caramelised Sugar is often added to mild tasting coffee. It will enrich and intensify your coffee. Aroma’s: burnt, roasted, smoky, bitter, chocolate.

TCS30F: gives more bitterness and a roasted aroma, stronger in coffee taste, more coffee experience with the typical character of the coffee still being there. It will also give a more red brown colour tone.

All three caramelised sugar powders require low dosage, enabling low cost in use.